Northern Navajo Nation Fair 2014 Information


The 103rd Annual Northern Navajo Nation Fair theme is:

Kodóó nihigíáál haat’eeh dahootahgóó, nihini’ bik’ehgo yit’í dóó nihá ‘adahwiizt’i’ 

The theme translates to- “Beginning our journey with the communities to enrich ideas and opportunities.”

October 2-5, 2014 Admission: Adults $10/Child-Senior $5

Thursday Free until 4PM – Sunday Family Day $5

Events of the 2014 Northern Navajo Nation Fair

September 26 – October 5
Yei’Bi’Chei Commences
(Yei’Bi’Chei Grounds)

September 30 Tuesday
9 AM Miss Northern & Northern Navajo Teen Pageants
Navajo Food Competition(s) NNN Fairgrounds

October 1 Wednesday
9 AM Miss Northern Navajo Teen Contemporary Skill/Talent
Competition (Phil Thomas P.A.C.)
1 PM Miss Northern Navajo Contemporary Skill/Talent Competition (Phil Thomas P.A.C.)
5 PM Special Pageant Presentation (Phil Thomas P.A.C.)

October 2 Thursday
Traditional Trail Ride (Commences)
8 AM Fairgrounds Open
8 AM Open Junior Rodeo (Rodeo Arena)
8 AM Indoor Exhibit Judging (4-H Exhibit)
9 AM Miss Northern Navajo Teen Traditional/Talent Competition (Phil Thomas P.A.C.)
9 AM – 3 PM Youth Day Activities (Song & Dance Arena)
9 AM – 3 PM Elder Fest (Pow Wow Arena)
10 AM Indian Market Opens
10 AM City of Fun Carnival (Kids Day) (All rides 1 ticket – $20 All Day Wristband)
1 PM Miss Northern Navajo Trad. Skill/Talent Competition (Phil Thomas P.A.C.)
1 PM Small Animal Judging (4-H Exhibit)
4 PM – 6 PM Free BBQ (City Market Parking Lot) Sponsored by APS, BHP, NTUA, & PNM)
6 PM Night Performance (Rodeo Arena) Presented by NAAA & NNNF
6 PM – 10 PM Gospel Night (Indian Market Tent)
11 PM Carnival Closes

October 3 Friday
Traditional Trail Ride (On-going)
8 AM Fairgrounds Open
830 AM Livestock Show (4-H Exhibit)
10 AM Indian Market Opens
10 AM – 2 PM Cook-Off Various Food (Indian Market Tent) Auto, Motorcycle & Bike Show (Shiprock Senior Center)
1 PM Song and Dance (Open Registration)
1 PM Open Master’s Rodeo (Rodeo Arena)
1 PM Traditional Trail Ride Arrival (Yei’Bi’Chei Grounds)
3 PM 4-H / FFA Jr. Livestock Sale (4-H Exhibit)
3 PM Pow Wow (Open Registration)
3 PM – 7 PM Open Mic/ Karaoke (Indian Market Tent)
4 PM Miss Northern & Miss Northern Navajo Coronation (Phil Thomas P.A.C.)
5 PM Song & Dance (Warm-up Dancing)
5 PM City of Fun Carnival Opens
5 PM Gourd Dancing (Pow Wow Arena)
5 PM Fashion Review & Public Speaking Presentations (4-H Exhibit)
7 PM Pow Wow (Grand Entry)
7 PM Northern Gateway Open Bull-Riding (Rodeo Arena)
9 PM – 1 AM Country Western Dance J.T. Band (Indian Market Tent)
1130 PM Carnival Closes

October 4 Saturday
5 AM Parade Line-up (Fleet Mgmt.)
8 AM Parade (East Hwy 64- West 491)
10 AM Fairgrounds Open
10 AM Song and Dance (Open Registration)
10 AM Pow Wow (Open Registration)
10 AM Indian Market Open
1030 AM City of Fun Carnival Opens
12 PM – 6 PM Battle of the Bands (Indian Market Tent)
12 PM Pow Wow (Grand Entry)
1 PM Song & Dance (Grand Entry)
1 PM Open Show Rodeo (Rodeo Arena)
2 PM Demonstrations and Talent Show Presentations (4-H Exhibit)
5 PM 4-H/FFA Cook-Out
5 PM Final Gourd Dance Session (Pow Wow Arena)
6 PM Wild Horse Race (Rodeo Arena)
6 PM – 9 PM Family Show – Various Acts (Indian Market Tent)
7 PM Pow Wow (Grand Entry)
7 PM Open Show Rodeo (Rodeo Arena)
9 PM – 1 AM Dance/Show – Various Bands (Indian Market Tent)
12 AM Carnival Closes

October 5 Sunday
8 AM Fairgrounds Open
845 AM Awards Presentation (4-H Exhibit)
9 AM Song & Dance (Roll Call)
10 AM Song & Dance (Grand Entry)
10 AM – 6 PM Indian Market Open
10 AM Cultural Performances (Indian Market Tent)
12 PM – 5 PM Gourd Dance Session (Pow Wow Arena)
12 PM City of Fun Carnival Opens
12 PM Wild Horse Race (Rodeo Arena)
1 PM Open Show Rodeo
1 PM Parade Winner Ceremony (Indian Market Tent)
11 PM Carnival Closes

Source: Northern Navajo Nation Fair Office

See Photos from the Shiprock Fair

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2014 Parade, Exhibits, Vendors Volunteer Applications
At the official Northern Navajo Nation Fair (NNNF) Website:


  1. Jacqueline Gonzales says:

    Our company is thinking of entering the Parade this year. But I was looking at the application and I noticed that the application deadline is 10/2/2013 & the entries received by 9/27/2013 is considered late.

    Could you please explain to me which date I need to use if we plan on entering this years parade.

    Thank you,

    (505) 342-8847

  2. R they gonna move the trailer
    From the yebechii ground r what ???

  3. I think the Fair Board should consider incorporating a 5K timed and/or fun run into the 2013 Navajo Fair Program. Too often, good health is overlooked, especially with our Dine’. We’re all aware of the high diabetes rate among the people, this should really give a positive boost toward health-consciousness. Use the parade route as the designated run route. I think that would be a new activity added, to “the usual”. Sure, I’ll be there with family and friends, but something new for the up and coming newer generation would be great. Again, emphasis on health issues is dire – to walk in beauty, means to walk in health, doesn’t it?

  4. It’s late August and the fair is no where near, ready. WHY? Well it’s because this fair does NOT belong to the The Dine people, in the community or in the area agency. It’s still run by “wanna be” politicians who have NO idea what they’re doing. This fair is so outdated, it’s on it’s last leg, basically.. It needs to be turned back over to the people, first of all, who know what to do, second, move the fair to a new location. This fair supposedly was on for it’s hundredth something annual, and there are NO improvements, and it’s headed ‘no where’. You have clowns that descecrated a ceremonial historical site, a rodeo arena that looks like a skeleton from the dark lagoon, buildings that stood the wear and tear of time, (1960), and the location where it sits, in midst of trashy, sore eye businesses. this fair has gone on a down hill spiral for the last three years, like a plane that just got it’s wings shot off.
    Get those stupid idiots off the ceremoial grounds, redo the rodeo grounds, repaint it, redo it, update it. Clean up and repaint the buildings at least.. make some changes, put some life back into this fair, ask for help from community members, they know how to fix this, get off your foolish prides and off your high horses, ask for help, go back to the people, if anyone can fix this fair it’s the people, NOT politicians.

  5. Leonard A. says:

    A ho!!, quite right, this Shiprock Fair, is on it’s 103rd Annual, supposedly the oldest on The Navajo Reservation, don’t let the title fool you, it’s also the most controversial also, ever since the tribal political goons took control of it. But, for every year now it has never improved, since as long as I can remember, and I’m 53 years old, been a resident all my life. These past couple of years were probably the worst, and I well agree, it is because the Dine people do NOT and are NOT allowed to voice concerns and aid in improvement of this fair. It’s like, you have an old wore out socks, and crusty with gryhm and holes, what do you do?.. well just turn it inside out, patch up the holes with duct tape, and shake off the dirt.. “waa la!!”.. repaired.. thats whats been happening with this fair every year for as long as I can remember.
    As for the descecration, well, this Yei bi chai Ceremony, has lost it’s true spiritual sacredness years ago. Nothing really sacred about this one, it’s all “just for show, entertainment purposes” This whole fair ground does need a major facelift, true, and it does need major changes, and as long as these politicains are running the fair, don’t expect any changes. It is true, THE PEOPLE, are the ones that can fix the problems, but they are NOT allowed, I’m not sure what up with the Kings, who have made their little nest on the Yei bi Chai grounds, the only conclusion there is stupidity.. and lack of self morals. I’ve also noticed, that most contracts, for personal such as announcers, MC’s host groups, etc. priority goes to other people from other areas, if nyour from the local community and wanted to help, you’re disqualified. Thats the picture, this fair is not on it’s last leg.. it’s standing on it’s sore toe… as long as these politcians run this fair, don’t expect anything different, I don’t even for see this fair moving forward.
    MY opinion and suggestion is this, yes, move this fair, up the river, to the outskirt of Farmington, in The Upper Fruitland area, now if they can do this, “garuntee’ this would be a major improvement, and minus the all the political ‘BS’ thats attached right now. Think about it.

  6. Freida Yazzie says:

    I have a question: where do I find the application for entering a food and or textile (quilt) exhibit? I want to enter but the website is somewhat unorganized to me…I need to know as soon as possible so I and my mother can enter this year and if there is a payment regarding this please let me know!

    thank you

    Freida Yazzie

  7. Ya a teeh,
    This years fair is about a month away, no where near getting ready, I attended their meeting last evening, gotta tell ya, I don’t think this committee knows what they’re doing, or where to start even. They have no traditional sense what so ever, they are “trying” to figure this yei thing. What is gonna happen if the fair excludes one year of it.. NOT HAVE IT… but to start NOW, getting ready for next year, 2014, just an opinion. Because you are NOT anywhere near ready, you haven’t even gotten started, the yei be chai “performance” ground is being vandelized on a daily basis by The King family, maintenance, what are you all doing?.. NOTHING.. the fair grounds is NOT going to prepare itself for you. TALK, is just that.. ‘talk”.. Do something, for the last several years now the political committee have “TALK” this fair into what it is now.
    Heres a suggestion, MOVE this ‘Northern Navajo Fair” to the outskirt of Farmington, NM north of the Northern Edge Casino, along the river, this would be a major change, as long as it stays here in Shiprock, well, it’s not going to ever change, it lost it’s purpose, it’s sacredness, no one respects it anymore, our kids would care less if we have a fair. What has Shiprock ever done to improve this fair, NOTHING.. if they did, we’d have a fair grounds like that of Montezuma County fairgounds or Magee Park. It sits in the middle of “eye sore” businesses, that don’t care to contribute, but benefits from it each year. Let it go for a year, start preparing NOW, for 2014 Fair

  8. Well, it looks like that time of the year again people. The grounds is..well, still unemproved and so forth. It is my experience that one problem with the shiprock fair is the fair board. It has to consist of shiprock community members first of all. A core group to activate the entire event. Ideas that we had were looked at by window rocks president shellys people. We had two books that we made that operated the fair, a system on paper to see its schematics, its inner workings. But that was in 2011 and copies were made by the window rock group who now employ its technology. So who is serious about making the shiprock fair into what it is supposed to be, the largest native american fair! Email me if u like. Time to put shiprock on the map!! We need doers and not hearers only!

  9. A little encouragement here from a Navajo who has grown up in Shiprock and has been away for 20 years to the Midwest. I attended the 100th anniversary couple of years ago. I will have to tell you that there is a lot of heritage on the Navajo Reservation and its shows in the Parade. I have been to many White Man parades and the amount of craftsmanship and details they put into the floats is absolutely amazing. I know it probably needs a lot work but it has been in Shiprock for the last 100 years and I think it should stay there in Shiprock. I will be there in about a month so I plan on eating my mutton and absolutely adorning all the craftmanships. Keep up all the amazing work.

  10. Michael Hardy says:

    hello, im looking for a group of singers, they were at the Navajo nation fair 2013. I want to know what each group singers placed. contact me asap.

  11. Hello! Anyone there at the Northern Navajo Fair office? Time is winding down f a s t! We’re 09/11/13 and the Fair is scheduled in 3 weeks. I have not seen any announcements elicited via other venues, regarding the Pow-wow or any other activities. Is this fair for Navajos only? I mean….there are other Tribes which would like to get involved in such a large and sustaining Fair. It’s unfortunate that the few comments that are posted here, are negative. I myself am American Indian and would like to be a part of something as grand as the Northern Navajo Fair, however, I’m afraid to invest my time, travel, and hard earned dollars toward something that may not be ‘worth my time’. I would be traveling from the northeast (Maryland) with a dance troup, for the Pow-Wow and want to make sure that there is ample lodging facilities in Shiprock, so that we may have a place to lay our heads. Who can we contact for lodging information? What is the commute like from Albuquerque, NM to Shiprock, NM? I’m concerned. I’m feeling like this may have to be postponed to another year, if I can’t contact anyone.

    • DrugFreeNDN says:

      JBohler: The nearest facility or hotel/motel would be Farmington, NM. That is about 30 miles east of Shiprock, Albuquerque would be about 4hrs from Shiprock. There is camiping aviailable on site, however, no facilities for showers, etc… There are usually thousands and thousands of native people. Be prepared for slow traffic, Saturday the parade will make the traffic back up. You and others are most welcome to the Annual Fair. I do agree with you about the negative responses, however, if you have in your heart to enjoy the people, the area, the native foods and to enjoy the fall celebration, you will walk away with a cultural experience of the South West.

  12. will all i can say is the only way politicians will listen is if the dine people don’t go to the fair and support the down hill sore toe fair…all they want is money and once it stops coming in than they’ll finally listen and make improvements…until that happens nothings going to change…easy as that but of course its up to the people tor make this happen…

  13. I know the Shiprock Fair is always held the first weekend of October but I wanted to verify it before I make plans. I’m coming out from the DC area so you can see how having a schedule up early helps people who work in other parts of the country. I googled the fair thinking there would be a 2014 schedule posted by now but all I see are are information from years past.

    A little consideration for those of us who have to schedule leave and travel far to come home for the fair would be nice. Its a good start with the website but the clue to making a site informative and helpful is to have current information.

    • October 2-5, 2014 is the Dates of this years Fair.
      I just updated the page with the latest information.

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